Retired Labs
Our Retired Lynneville Labradors
Treddolphin Sun Bonnet
DOB: 8-27-2002 - 6/7/2015  
COLOR: Yellow (b)
OFA Hips: Good  
DNA & AKC Registered
Thyroid:  Tested Normal 8/2008
Eyes: CERF Clear  & PRA Clear
Heart:- OFA Cardiac Cleared by Practitioner
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Coal will forever be in our heart here at Lynneville but we
regretfully had to retire her after her 1st litter in December of
2008.  Coal has beautiful Conformation and was a breeze to
train through her CGC and TDI Certifications.  Coal is now loved
and spoiled with her daughter “Molly” and the Armenti family.  I
could have never asked for a better forever-home for two of my
"Regenea" came to Lynneville just a few short
months after my Father passed away thus the
reason his name "Gene" is in the middle of her
name.  Regenea's lines will forever carry on in our
Stacy Killian for allowing Regenea to come to
Lynneville and start our foundation.  Visit
Regenea's page for her accomplishments. Regenea
retired in Sept of 2012 and now lives with her son
Floyd in Myrtle Beach, SC with my sister the Purdy's.
Boo is truly a once in a life time dog... She was a
phenominal mom in the whelping box and an
absolute joy to have at Lynneville.  Thanks so much
to Claudia at Vonhausman for allowing Boo to come
to Lynneville.  Boo was retired in April of 2013 and
now is loved and spoiled by the Clarke Family.
Kara is our First Bred-By UKC Champion
and from our Foundation Bitch
She was sadly retired after her 2nd Litter
but has left her mark with her daughter we
own named
Remmy.  Kara is now retired on
Alex's couch and is her Hunting partner in
the winters.
Floyd is our First BISS Bred-By UKC
Champion and from our Foundation Bitch
Regenea.  He was retired at 5 years of
age and is loved and owned by my sister
and her family in Myrtle Beach, SC where
his mother is retired.   Floyd's
accomplishments are
Charm is one of the Best mothers we ever had
to our babies.. She just LOVED being a mommy
to her babies. She had 2 beautiful litters with
Lynneville, and we have the pleasure
of co-owning her daughter from her 2nd litter
named “Zoey”.  Charm was retired shortly after
her 2nd her litter and now is loved by the Baus
Family.   See Charms Link on our website here
to see her accomplishments in the ring
Remmy was truly everything we had hoped for when we
bred Kara to "O" and matured into even more then what we
could have hoped for by the time she reached the age of 2.   
Remmy had 2 beautiful litters for us here at Lynneville
before the decision was made to retire her in the Spring of
2018, after her 2nd litter.  We kept 2 puppies from that
second litter “Mia” and “Chewy” so we are very excited to
have this 4th Generation to continue these lines in our
program.    Remmy is proudly from one of our foundation
lines as her mother is "Kara" Lynneville's Irish Melody and
her Grandmother is "Regenea" Beulahland Daddy's Little
Girl whom we purchased from Beulahand Kennels in 2007
when we started to build our English program. Remmy is
loved by my Brother-in-law and his family in Maryland and
will continue to be loved and spoiled by them in her
retirement.  Remmy's Link on our website is
Forsythe Riverwitch at Vonhausman "Mattie"

This girl is my sidekick and I just love everything about her.  
It was truly a blessing when my friend Claudia from
Vonhausman Labradors said Mattie could come here for
training and some conformation shows but who would have
thought that the events that followed her staying here and
remaining a Lynneville Dog would have ever happened.   In
time we had 2 litters with Mattie and it is where I am blessed
to have my girl
CeeVee and my co-owned boy Gunner.    I
am very excited about what these two will add to my
program in the next few years.