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Additional Services we offer at Lynneville

We offer boarding in our home.  Your pet is treated just like one of our own and is with our dogs while they are with us.  We have outdoor play areas and indoor rest areas that are heated and air conditioned.  Dogs are crated when we are away from them or during sleeping hours.
Click the boarding button to email us a message to check availability. Or you can text Jennifer at 609-954-2362

We offer various services that can assist in successful pregnancies in your girls. We offer the following Services:
Stud Dog Collections 
Stud Dog Collections and Chill Shipping Preparation
Artificial Insemination Services

Lynneville also offers to manage your breeding from the 1st day of your girls cycle thru the 2nd breeding of your girl to your selected Stud Dog (via fresh or Chilled Semen).  We will take your girl into our vet for same day progesterone results and thru daily communication with you ensure the correct timing for semen shipping and breeding. 

Once Bred, and you confirm the pregnancy at your vet or mine, Lynneville can also offer to whelp your litter for you and then raise the litter for you until you are comfortable to take the litter home.  I know everyone has busy schedules so sometimes thinking of raising a litter, and especially those first 2-3 weeks, can be very stressful.  I am home so have the time to raise the litters and provide daily updates to ensure you have the most recent updates on your litter.  
All of this is done via a mutual contract that is mutually agreed and signed prior to whelping.

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