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Puppy Questionnaire 

Our Black, Yellow, and Chocolate English Puppies come with a Full Health and Genetic Guarantee from OFA Certified Parentage.  Our puppies are medically cleared, receive their first shot and are Microchipped prior to leaving our home. 

If you are interested in seeing how we raise our puppies visit us on
FB - Lynneville Labradors Page

You can cut/paste the below questionnaire to your email and send to or click the download button below and email it to us as an attachment. 





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Please enter your contact information below so we can take time to review and respond:

  1. Your First and Last - Name  

    1. Your FULL Mailing Address -  

    2. Email Address –  

    3. Phone Number (and best time to call)  

    4. How do you prefer to be contacted (Phone/Email)    

  2. Do you currently have any Pets?   

    1. Type of Pets

    2. Age?

    3. Spayed/Neutered?

  3. Tell us about our Family? 

    1. Are there any Children?       How Many and Ages?

    2. Is everyone in the Household Agreeing on getting a new Pet?   

    3. Anyone Allergic to Dogs?   

  4. Tell us about any Prior Dogs you have had?

    1. What type of Dog?   

   5. How long did you own him/her?

  1. If you no longer own where are there now?

  1. Tell me about your Family Lifestyle?    

    1. Where will the new pet sleep?    

    2. Who will be the Primary Caregiver?   

    3. Do you plan to Crate Train?    

    4. Will this dog live inside or outside?    

    5. Do you feel your lifestyle is Active or Passive?    

    6. Do you plan to Obedience Train the Dog?    

    7. How many hours, if any, will the puppy be left alone during the day?   

  2. Please answer the Following Questions:

    1. Are you aware of the cost involved in veterinary care, including spaying/neutering, purchasing good quality dog food, boarding a dog while you are away, annual license fees, etc.?   

    2. Have you ever returned a pet to the breeder?  (The answer being yes, what were the circumstances?)   

    3. Have you ever given a pet away or have taken it to a pound or shelter?  (If the answer is yes, what were the circumstances?) 

  3. What activities do you plan on doing with your new puppy?  (i.e.:  pet, companion/family member, hunting, obedience, agility, show/conformation, breeding stock, therapy/special needs dog, search & rescue, working dog, other -- please specify):   

  4. If someone referred you to Lynneville Labradors, please let us know so we may thank them.    

  5. Anything additional you would like to tell us about your family?

  6. What kind of English Puppy are you looking for?   Male/Female   Black/Yellow/Chocolate             


Our puppies are $3000 so by submitting this questionnaire you acknowledge this price for adoption.  We are currently accepting deposits of $300 for our upcoming confirmed and planned breeding’s. Most of our litter(s) are already reserved prior to birth, so you can choose to place a deposit or have us contact you if there are any puppies available at the time of delivery.  Our puppies come with a Full Health and Genetic Guarantee provided to you in writing.   Lynneville Labradors puppies are also Microchipped and are medically cleared by our veterinarian at 1 week and at 7 weeks of age.  So, by submitting this questionnaire you acknowledge that the information provided in this questionnaire is truthful and will be used to place our puppies based on temperament testing.

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