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We are currently Offering Clay, Moss, Chewy and Otis at Stud

Our Stud Service Agreement

The above described dog shall be bred to the following bitch:
Name of bitch: __________________________________________________________
Owner(s): _______________________________________________________________
Address and contact phone number: _____________________________________
Registration Number: ______________________Any titles: _____________________
Bitch Clearances: Please provide documentation to any clearances that are

not available on the OFA Website.

FEE - $1800.00
The owner of the bitch to be bred has two payment options for engaging the stud’s services.  Please check mark the option you desire.

1) The entire stud fee is paid at the time of the breeding.  If the bitch fails to produce a litter,a litter is defined as 2 live puppies after birth, one rebreeding will be given.  If the original stud is no longer available for service, the bitch owner may choose any other stud dog owned by Lynneville Labradors.  If the original bitch is no longer available to fulfill the breeding, another bitch may be substituted as long as the bitch is owned/co-owned by the payer of the Stud Fee -Proof is required.  As litter is defined as 2 live puppies after birth.

2) A non-refundable service fee of $500 is paid at the time of the breeding.  The balance of the stud fee is due within 10 days after whelping of the litter and prior to AKC registration of the litter.  If the bitch fails to produce a litter, the owner of the bitch may elect to move on to another stud dog or attempt a rebreed.  If a rebreed is desired the balance of the stud fee is due at the time of re-breeding.

By entering into this agreement and signing the proposed contract, the bitch owner affirms that the bitch listed and described above is owned/leased by them and that they have every right therefore to perform this breeding. If the bitch is leased, the Stud Dog owner will be supplied with a copy of the lease agreement between the breeder and owner before the breeding takes place.

The bitch owner also agrees to assume all breeding expenses separate from the declared stud fee (example: shipment of fresh chilled semen including collection kits, extenders, collection fees, shipping charges.  Bitch owner has the choice to ship 2 Viles of Extender from Zoetis  1-888-963-8471 along with approved Semen Shipping Boxes, or agrees to purchase boxes and extender from Lynneville Labradors.  Extender is $54.00 per vile and Boxes are $50.00 each.  If shipping these items must be sent to Lynneville Labradors 3 days prior to the breeding time.  (If you have shipping boxes and are just ordering Fresh Express Extender  for the Breeding please request 2 viles) Accurate timing is the most critical factor in the success of breeding via shipped semen so we require Progesterone testing to be done rather then guessing at a Bitch’s breeding date which can result in disappointment and frustration for all parties involved.

The bitch owner pledges that any puppies resulting from this breeding shall not knowingly be sold to anyone whose purpose is mass production or retailing of purebred dogs; and that any pet puppies resulting from this breeding will be sold to pet homes on non breeding contracts. This refers to pet puppies only and does not apply to puppies sold as show, performance, or breeding prospects.  That will be left to the bitch owners own good judgment.

The stud dog owner certifies that the above mentioned stud dog has had a positive veterinary semen evaluation within the last 12 months or at least one litter of puppies in the past 12 months, therefore proven. Refunds of stud fees will be honored if a licensed veterinarian examines the semen and does not find living semen in the specimen. In this case the stud owner should be provided with documentation from the veterinarian and the stud fee will be returned within 14 business days.   

The stud owner agrees to provide the bitch owner with a receipt for the stud service and a record of the breeding date(s). The stud owner agrees’s that after the litter is whelped that the breeder of said litter sends a completed AKC Litter Registration Form to Lynneville Labradors for signature of the Sire Portion of the form.  Lynneville Labradors will then forward forms on to the AKC.  If you prefer, a fast and easy way to complete a Litter Registration is online from the AKC Web site.  This Litter registration will be completed assuming all other portions of the above contract have been met. .

__________________________________________________         _________________
Signature of Stud Owner                                                Date

__________________________________________________         _________________
Signature of Bitch Owner                                                Date

_____________________________     _____________________________
Dates of Initial Breedings  
*Two breedings are allowed but this is left to the bitch owner’s discretion.

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