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How we Raise Our Puppies 

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If you are interested in one of our puppies, please fill out our questionnaire to start the process of being placed on one of our waiting lists.   Once your deposit of $300.00 is received we will place you on the desired Upcoming Litter.  Once the litter arrives and we are past the first critical "72 hours" it is then and during that first week that we will confirm with you that we have a puppy available for you.  In the event that "mother nature" does not work with us, and your desired sex/color is not available in the given litter, at that time your deposit will be transferred to one of our upcoming litters.

Once the litter arrives, and we guarantee a puppy for you, your Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE (ALL REASONS)

We have held a puppy for you and declined other families.   However, your deposit is transferable to use towards any future within the next 2 years from the date it was originally received.

Please understand we are not a puppy factory filling orders, the wait could take up to a year depending on breeding cycles. Lynneville Labradors ALWAYS reserves the right to hold any puppy(s) for our breeding program.  When you fill out your deposit contract this is where you will specify if you have a specific color or sex, that you are looking for long-term.  Please make sure to let us know and include anything that will help us place a puppy that will work best with you and your family.  The Puppies are raised in the lower level of our home in our family room, so they are socialized everyday with everyone in our home including all of our Labradors as well as our grand-children.   

We will be providing you with weekly updates after we have our girls ultrasounds done and thru the end of their pregnancy.  Then we will be sending out educational emails weekly along with an update on the litter each week as well as updating our Lynneville Labradors Facebook Page with photo's on a weekly basis while the babies are here. We know how exciting purchasing a puppy can be for you and your family so we love to share in that joy with you.  If you are interested in visiting your puppy while they are here they are available for visits right around seven weeks old. It is at this time that they have been Veterinary cleared, had their first booster shot and are microchipped, and are very socially aware of everything going on around them.   Please understand that we do this to protect our puppies and ensure they are the healthiest when they begin to go home.  Our puppies are available to go home after they reach 8 weeks of age.  Once each litter arrives, we announce their "Go Home" Date so all of you can plan ahead.   

Also, you can visit our FB Page - Lynneville Labradors.  As the puppies begin to be weaned from their mother, we introduce them to Puppy Food starting with a "Gruel Mixture".   As they continue to grow in your home, we suggest you place them on any "Quality Puppy Food" we suggest Purina Pro Plan Performance 30/20 (All Stages) which is what we raise all of our puppies on.  If you are looking for another food, please talk to us or use a comparable protein/fat ratio for your growing puppy.    They are also partially potty trained when you pick them up as they will be introduced to the outdoors (weather and season permitting) from week seven (after their 1st Shots) and of course while they are here, they will receive lots of love.  

The medical care that your puppy will receive while in our care is very important to us. All of our puppies are Initially examined by our Vet in our home during the first 72hrs after whelping. This examination is to ensure mom and puppies are all healthy. They will be dewormed every two weeks while they are here as well as receive a weekly bath and nail clipping.  At seven weeks of age each of the puppies are again examined by our veterinarian and then we give their initial booster shots and microchip is placed.  We want to ensure our puppies go home with everything they need to start their new lives.  All of this is documented in your puppy’ s chart and a copy of this information is provided to you when you pick up your puppy.

Raising quality puppies is a priority to us. Labrador's come in 3 Colors Black, Yellow, and Chocolate.  A Yellow Labrador can range from a lighter Yellow to a Dark Red (Fox Red) and a Chocolate Labrador can range from a Lighter Chocolate to a Darker Chocolate.  They do not come in SILVER. From day 3 to day 16, we perform the 'Super Dog' program to start early neurological stimulation.  Our puppy area in our home includes tunnels, slides and a variety of other stimulating toys, that you will see in our weekly photos as the puppies grow.  We also begin to introduce "clicker" training as long-term some of these puppies will grow to be service dogs for "Alpha Bravo" so our goal is to produce the all-around puppy that will do well in my home, your home, and as service companions.  

All puppies are introduced to different types of ground, such as, concrete, gravel, grass, carpet, tile, wood, etc.   Because we believe in an all-purpose Labrador, some of our puppies are introduced to gun fire and feathers before they leave our home for those looking for Hunting Partners.  We provide our puppies with what we feel to be the best start to their lives.

Once we announce the "go home" day for your litter if you cannot pick your puppy up on this scheduled day please let us know.  We are more than glad to keep the puppies a few additional days, for a nominal fee, until you are your family are prepared to bring them home.   We have no problem holding your puppy until your family is ready for them but we mustmake a nominal charge to cover our expenses during this time.  If in the event your puppy stays longer andis due for an additional set of shots we can do these for you as well and add this to your final balance.

All puppies are sold with a AKC Limited Registration. The understanding and time that goes into raising a litter of puppies is something that we take very seriously, so we do not give full registration.  

All puppies that are purchased come with Health and Genetic Guarantee.  

The biggest question we get is " Is a Puppy Picked for us or do we get to choose a puppy?"

We have been asked this question many times and our answer is always the same.   We start temperament testing oneach litter at 5-6 weeks and document what we are seeing with each puppy after each test, each week.  As we developthis information we compare it to the Puppy Questionnaire you filled out with us so we can determine what puppies would do best in your home.  We do this by looking at your household make-up (Other Children, Dogs, your activity level) and long-term what you are looking for in your puppy (ie companion, hunting partner, or potential therapy dog.   We then narrow that down to your 1st and 2nd Choices on your Deposit Contract  and match the best for your family. Our goal is not only make sure you obtain the forever friend you are looking for but to also make sure we are doing right by our puppies and not placing them in a home that has expectations that he/she would never live up to.  


We are asked and the question is always answered the same "No, we do not remove Dewclaws".  The Dewclaws on a dogs front feet are their thumbs and should not be removed, unless a medical issue is present.  The Dewclaw serves a vital purpose in proper balance when a dog is climbing, running, or holding a bone.  There is a bone inside of the Dewclaw that if removed will realign a dogs weight distribution and subsequently set your dog up for pre-arthritic conditions in the future.   A link to a great article is below. 

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